There is nothing more personally fulfilling to me than to be able to make sense of something challenging. To solve the puzzle. To find the next step to take.

Most often, I do that by passionately pursuing knowledge about a given topic and then applying that knowledge in real life situations so I can make sure I have all the information I need to move forward.

It’s a constant journey. A quest to understand the world around me and to communicate what I see to others.

I began my journey into photography to compliment my real job as a Dentist. I wanted to learn how to take portraits and intraoral(macro) photography to better communicate with my patients. I have always been struck by the power of an image to convey a message.

Along the way, I discovered the adventure of waiting for the sun to rise or set in spectacular locations and to capture what I saw in captivating detail.
Living in Las Vegas, NV allows me a short car drive to most of the Southwest United States and I feel I have barely scratched the surface of the many locations on my bucket list!

As an early highlight in my photography career, I travelled to Iceland and captured an image inside an ice cave with my iPhone 6S. I decided to post select iPhone images to my Instagram account and to my surprise – someone from Apple found my photo and contacted me. Apple chose my image for use in their 2016 “Colors – Shot on iPhone” Worldwide campaign!

Photography is my way of making sense of the things I see that, when I take the time to notice, catch me off guard and completely illuminate my sensibilities!
This Gallery Showing is part of my continuing effort to share what I have seen and learned with you – my fellow explorer.


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